Nino Alejandro for D&D Custom Guitars Django


Nino has always been particular about his music equipment, especially his guitars. As a singer, songwriter, music producer, and recording artist, the guitar Nino uses has to fit his specifications to a tee and be able to deliver despite his rigorous show schedule. On any given month, Nino’s weeks are usually filled with 2-3 shows at a minimum and sometimes 5-6 shows when he is traveling and touring.

He knew he need an instrument that could perform spectacularly day in and day out and could travel with him to multiple destinations. That’s why he felt the D&D Django was a perfect acoustic choice. First of all, Nino loves to support local companies like D&D that make world class products that are proudly Pinoy. Second the Django just fit his musical lifestyle. The guitar effortlessly works all Nino’s acoustic gigs with him in the Philippines and has traveled with him on multiple musical tours in Japan, Guam, and the United States. He was happy to sign on as an endorser for the D&D guitar that fit his musical lifestyle perfectly.







In fact, Nino enjoys using his D&D Django so much that he is working with D&D in the development stages for a Nino Alejandro Signature Django model with all of his preferred specs and modifications. Look out for this special instrument to be released soon.

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